PROJECT: Design of concrete structures and supervision of civil works on site
YEAR: 2017
LOCATION: Bijao, Cortes (Honduras)
TYPOLOGY: Reinforced concrete structures, being retaining walls, foundations, columns and beams.
DESCRIPTION: Reinforced concrete structure of a new wharehouse for the implantation of machinery and storage of processed material

The project consists of the enlargement of one existing industrial warehouse, where two platforms have been created at different levels.
Given initial conditions of existing warehouse level and terrain’s orography, reinforced concrete retaining walls have been built with heights between 3.95 m and 11.30 m for earth filling containment.
Reinforced concrete structural elements include, mainly, foundations (spread footing and continuous spread footing), columns of 60×50 cm and beams with sections between 30×50 cm and 60×100 cm.
The structure continuous in height with columns and beams which support the metallic structure for the warehouse’s roof and main process machinery (tripper).
Works occupy a surface of approximately 1,200 sqm being façade’s height, until top level of columns, between 9.95 m and 20.75 m.