Refurbishing of the Market hall in Roquetas de Mar, Almería

PROJECT: Competition
YEAR: 2014
LOCATION: Roquetas de Mar, Almería
TYPOLOGY: Market Hall
MATERIALS: Brick arch vaults and Structural steel
DESCRIPTION: Refurbishing of the market hall providing sales and hospitality areas to the city
CONSULTANT: Alejandro Gómez Vives

The proposal recovers the essence of the “patio” as a leisure area full of life. It consists on the modernization of the building as a more accessible and human space.

The roof is an unique element that gives personality to the market hall. The proposal preserves the former structure providing shade and freshness and allowing the permeability to the near environment.

This surface is created with precast concrete pieces with semi cylindrical shape. The central patio is created by eliminating four precast pieces that provide light, freshness and vegetation.

Under the roof there are two enclosed volumes for hospitality uses and a central patio, both organize the market stalls.

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