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We are an office that offers engineering and architecture services. Our work is based on combining high-level engineering with cutting-edge architecture, while respecting the environment. Our goal is to exceed the needs of our clients by providing projects with added value thanks to attention to detail and the taste for a well-prepared project.

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Bridges and walkways, home renovations, offices, shops, industrial engineering projects, pumping stations, structure design for solar panels. Know all the projects in which we have participated

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We are a team, a high performance team hand in hand with technology and process optimization. We form a group passionate about design, who enjoy their work and in which each one of us contributes the best of our specialty in engineering and architecture. We managed to be a dynamic team, multidisciplinary and ready for any challenge.


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At GmásP we care about giving the highest possible quality. It is part of our DNA to support new talent and give new professionals a chance. Another important point is the development of construction projects with the greatest possible respect for the environment.

Last News

In the blog you will learn about the most interesting news about GmásP, the advances in the projects that we carry out, the contests and the prizes that we obtain, the collaborations in which we participate and we even congratulate you on Christmas. Thanks in advance for sharing!

It’s time for celebration!

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Stay at home

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Merry Christmas!

This year, our Christmas card has had some cooperation from specialists. Family members from GmásP were keen to contribute with... read more

Valencia Arena: Award to the best project and collaboration in the category of large projects

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Support entities

GmásP, Ingeniería y Arquitecturaa has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to improve the use and quality of information technologies and communications and access to them thanks to the one that has modernized the company’s site to improve the company’s competitiveness and productivity. 21/06/2021. For this, it has had the support of “A way to make Europe” of the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia.