What is GmasP?

It is addition, it is arithmetic. Gravity and prestressed, from the General to the Particular. External and internal forces in a calculated equilibrium. Coincidence or not, that’s how the last names of its founders begin: Goberna Pérez.

They are acronyms around a group of professionals have been met, specialists from the different areas of Architecture and Engineering to offer a comprehensive service.

Architecture and Engineering, two disciplines in constant expansion that they have not always been so differentiated. Before that split (by the 18th century), who did you trust to make you a house? And a bridge? The necessary knowledge gathered in the same person. And they all fit …! No longer.

At GmasP we have assembled professionals from different technical areas to create an integrated transdisciplinary community able to face the most complex challenges.

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What do you need? We make it happen.

We are an office that offers engineering and architecture services. Our work is based on combining high-level engineering with cutting-edge architecture, respecting the environment. Our goal is to exceed the needs of our customers providing value-added to the projects thanks to the attention to the detail and the taste for a well-crafted project.

We have a team with great experience in the different areas of engineering and architecture. We are a design lovers, we enjoy our work and in each one, we contribute with our better specialty, getting a Dynamic and multidisciplinary team ready for any challenge.

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We design and provide consulting services in all branches of structural and geotechnical engineering, with great experience in unique projects such as bridges, pedestrian bridges, special roofs and height buildings.

Aware that everything is not big projects, we dedicate special attention to detailed projects: industrial sector structures, local analysis, independent checks, optimizations and technical examination. For this, we take advantage of the latest technologies through finite element models, structure dynamics, spectral analysis and all the means at our disposal.

We accompany both private clients and companies and architects in the construction or rehabilitation of structures, from the detection and intervention on pathologies to the finish part of the project.


Our architecture replies to the customer needs and the environment. We turn over the knowledge of a multidisciplinary team in the search for an integral solution for each situation.

We design projects adapted to the economic reality of the developer, always looking for sustainability and energy efficiency, the use of light and the creation of cosy spaces.

We carry out projects for public and private buildings, including industrial architecture.


We provide services of consultancy in BIM (Building Information Modelling), for the development of our own projects but also collaborating with other offices that require this technology.

Those projects take into account the life cycle of the building, from the inception to the maintenance. detailed development, structural design, fabrication, management, etc. This technology permits a global management of the projects and analyse the projects under different dimensions (3D, 4D, 5D, 6D & 7D) and disciplines (Architecture, Structure and MEP).


All type of MEP installations for residential, commercial and industrial buildings and for singular constructions are comprised in our MEP department scope.

We also have the capacity and the multidisciplinary team needed for the design of installations outside the buildings. So, we do any type of low or medium voltage electrical projects like electrical distribution or transformer stations.

In addition, we have experience in pumping projects of high flow rate or pressure, for irrigation, water supply and firefighting installations. Regulation and control included.

We are committed with the environmental protection and the sustainable development, so a part of our efforts are focused to the design of a large PV plants.