Multifunctional building at Czechowice-dziedzice, Katowice, Poland

PROJECT: Executive Project
YEAR: 2013 (competition) 2014 (Project)
LOCATION: Czechowice-Dziedzice, Katowice, Poland
TYPOLOGY: Multifunctional building for Public Library and City Hall
MATERIALS: Brick arch vaults and Structural steel
DESCRIPTION: brick arch vaults with a maximum span of 10m and Steel girders and tubular staggered columns
AWARDS: 1st Position in International Competition
PUBLICATIONS: AV Proyectos nº059, “Young spanish teams”, 2013, p 32-35 & ARKITECKTURA murator nº 226

Multifuncional building that includes the Public Library and the City Hall of Czechowice-Dziedzice. The main structural scheme is made with steel girders and tubular staggered columns. The secondary structure that carries the loads to the girders is made with brick arch vaults with a maximum span of 10m. The horizontal forces counteract each other by means of steel bars every 3m joining both vault ends. Horizontal stability is provided by vertical cross bracings in the blind façades. Skylights are solved with structural carpentry and steel girders.

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