Pedestrian and cyclist bridge over the Miño river, Spain-Portugal

PROJECT: Competition
YEAR: 2018
LOCATION:Connecting the parks of Espazo Fortaleza in Goian-Tomiño (Spain) and O Castelinho in Vila Nova of Cerveira (Portugal)
TYPOLOGY: Cantilevered bridge
DESCRIPTION: 225m long; 100m maximum span.

The footbridge connects both city centers but not only. It also represents the link between two countries. To emphasize this idea, the proposal is formalized in two identical but opposed structures creating a plaza where they meet.
Both structures are solved with a “cantilevered bridge” typology. They have a semi arch shape whichworks as a double cantilever, therefore they are self-standing for dead loads.
The footbridge is 225m long with two supports in the centre and two abutments in both riverbanks. The centre span is 100m long, and the lateral spans are 65m long approximately.
The shape is sinuous in plan view, with a convex and a concave curve. This curvature of the structure and the asymmetric section create torsion effects that balance each other.

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