Structure for elevators and conveyor belts in Honduras

PROJECT: Industrial Architecture
YEAR: 2018
LOCATION: Bijao, Honduras
TYPOLOGY: Steel structure
DESCRIPTION: Braced steel structure and truss

The project consists on the design and calculation of the steel structures necessary for the implementation of new process equipment in the expansion of an industrial plant located in Bijao, Honduras.
The structure is joined to two new execution concrete silos and supports 40m high, with unit cement capacity for 5000 T.
The project is formed by 2 structures for bucket elevators, formed by 4 supports and variable geometry in height, which obliges alternate bracings in height. These structures are anchored to the concrete silo and they have stairs and maintenance walkways in full height.
In addition to the elevators, 4 sections of aeros support structure are projected, spanning around 20m. They are formed by truss structures over braced supports and side walkways.
The total steel weight of the projected structures is 267 tons.
On the other hand, GmasP has carried out the structural review of the reinforced concrete silos, as well as the verification of the ground and foundation improvements (in project phase).

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