Pedestrian and Cyclist footbridge over the Vistula River, Warsaw, Poland

PROJECT: International competition
YEAR: 2017
LOCATION: Warsaw, Poland
TYPOLOGY: C cross-section bridge
DESCRIPTION: Bridge in structural steel which The deck is sinuously curved in plan view and C shaped cross-section. 472m long and 110m maximum spam.
AWARDS: Second Prize

The project consists in a sinuously curved footbridge, with 70m typical spans and a 110m long centre span. The C section of the footbridge creates 3 structural planes formed by structural trusses.

The curved shape and the asymmetric section create torsion effects which balance each other. The curved shape in plan view creates an outward torsion, while the asymmetric section creates it inwards.

As a result, the structure behaves perfectly, achieving the goal of focusing the views in one and other side without visual interferences from the structural elements.

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