"Francisco Tomás y Valiente” Library for UNED campus in Alzira-Valencia

PROJECT: Competition
YEAR: 2021
LOCATION: Valencia, Spain
TYPOLOGY: Cultural and educational facility
DESCRIPTION: Library and exam hall building for the Spanish open university UNED in Valencia
TEAM COLLABORATOR: Eduardo Fernández Moscoso

The building is placed within a monitored area with large green areas around it, and its range is obtained thanks to a ground level plinth along with an upper timber designed volume in relation to “Casa de la Misericordia” ‘s height, the existing neighbouring building.

The organisation responds to two clearly differentiated volumes; a main volume for exams/multipurpose room plus a library, and a second southern volume that houses the servant spaces. Located at ground floor level the exam room along a wide hall seeking for an adjacent flexible area can be found, while the library is located at the upper floor for silence and natural sunlight to be attained.

The construction is based on laminated timber for properties such as sustainability, lightness, construction speed, spatial quality as well as the thermal, acoustic and fireproof assets.

The project is based on the PassivHaus design standards in search of a Nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB).

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