Park at the mouth of the Túria River old riverbed

STAGE: Competition. Finalists
YEAR: 2023
LOCATION: Valencia, Spain
TYPOLOGY: Public Space / Landscaping
DESCRIPTION: Landscaping, renaturalization and urbanization works of the first phase of the park at the mouth of the Turia river old riverbed
AWARDS: Finalists

EOVASTUDIO architects
GYRA Architects
GmásP Engineering and Architecture
KUMA Architecture & Urban Design
Oscar Godoy del Olmo
Vicente Bellver

The Park at the mouth assumes the complexity and heterogeneity of landscapes that are developed in the course of the river. It integrates three landscapes: Riverbank, Cultivated area and Marsh. Analyzing the natural heritage of the province, a mouth into a lagoon is proposed as part of the Turia renaturalization plan.

The project recovers a degraded space to transform it into a park that meets environmental and climate change needs, urban needs to generate a quality public space and social needs, as it is a place of meeting, games and recreation in contact with nature. And that it lasts sustainably over time.

Solutions based on nature improve thermal comfort, reduce noise and visual pollution. The hydraulic systems that make up the irrigation facilities, the watercourse of the ditch and the recirculation of the lagoon water have solar pumping equipment to minimize energy consumption. In addition, the reservation of a space for the installation of geothermal energy is planned, from which the nearby facilities of the central, regional and municipal administration could benefit.

The materiality is based on ecological and 0Km materials, such as wood, minerals (stones, soils and sand) and steel for some unique structures.

Among these unique structures we highlight the footbridge and the tree house. The footbridge has been thought of as an unconventional public space, adding the function of a stand in the central part.

For its part, the tree house is conceived as a wooden structure of playful urban furniture, with a formative and inclusive component, around the monumental eucalyptus.

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