Alicante Congress Centre

PROJECT: International competition
YEAR: 2023
LOCATION: Diputación de Alicante
CLIENT: Diputación de Alicante
STRUCTURAL & MEP DESIGN: GmásP Ingeniería y Arquitectura
AWARDS: Third prize

The Congress Centre of the City of Alicante is an iconic complex that demonstrates from its concept design phase the criteria of sustainability, efficiency and respect for the environment that are part of the Most Excellent Alicante Provincial Council’s DNA. Accordingly, the Provincial Energy Agency of Alicante promotes the development of projects that have a reduced environmental impact using renewable energy.

Given the proximity of the building to the sea, technology based on marine geothermal energy is presented as an ideal option for the thermal generation of the building. This technology uses seawater as a renewable and unlimited source of thermal energy to produce heat during the winter and cold during the summer, which reach extremely high levels of energy efficiency. Furthermore, the entire system can be installed in technical rooms inside the buildings without the need to occupy the roofs of the complex, thus maintaining their distinctive geometric integrity.

It should be noted that the electricity consumed by the air conditioning system will also have a significant contribution of renewable energy produced by photovoltaic solar panels, which generates a notable synergy between both systems (marine geothermal and photovoltaic), resulting in great energy savings and large reductions in the buildings’ CO2 emissions.

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