New logistics center and central warehouse of equipment in Antequera, Málaga

STAGE: Competition
YEAR: 2022
LOCATION: Antequera, Málaga, Spain
TYPOLOGY: Healthcare logistics
DESCRIPTION: Logistics centre and central warehouse of equipment promoted by the Andalusian Health Service

The project is found at the outskirts of Antequera, a strategic position for an easy access of regional, provincial and autonomous transport routes.

Due to the location and morphology of the plot, the complex strives for an agreement and a functional adaptability with its surroundings. This is achieved by setting back two of the different volumes which assists to the road traffic flow, reduces the visual impact from the city and takes advantage of all the available surface for future expansions.

The main program is included in each of the rectangular volumes which are joined by an intermediate module. Said module functions as a reception as well as an access to an office space making the most of the double height of the complex.

A high grade prefabricated modular system is designed to allow future expansions in addition to reducing construction times. Thereof, the structure is composed of a stiff laminated timber framework with structural steel cable-stayed beams, a lightweight composition which allows for open-plan and modular spaces.

In favour of sustainability, high-performance materials with FSC certificates are selected, and 650kWp photovoltaic panels are suggested taking benefit from the roof surface. All these proposals not only help significantly reducing the CO2 emissions, but they also lessen the energy waste of the buildings.

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