I’m not sure if you are aware of it, but GmasP is working on an exciting and stimulating project which represents a very important project for our city. It is the Valencia Arena, a new space that will host Valencia Basket matches as well as a wide variety of different events.

It represents a project where a number of professionals from different disciplines join our capabilities to give the best of ourselves in order to deliver a complete project which responds to a dynamic and vibrant city whilst accommodating a large number of project constraints.

It is a very complex project where technology is used to innovate and improve. An immediate result is the team having been awarded by CIBSE (Society of Digital Engineering) with a recognition to the best project and cooperation in the category of large projects. These awards recognize the application of digital engineering to achieve better projects and a better coordination.

On announcing the winners, the panel commented the following: “The decisive factor has been the well put together application that highlights the collaborative work several teams had to undertake to successfully deliver such a complex project. There were not only geographical barriers but also cross-functional barriers (several enterprises were involved) and most importantly, language barriers that were overcome by the use of technology and most importantly, willingness of all teams to fulfil the customer’s expectations.”

Everyone working on this project believe that cooperative work and good communication are key in the development and delivery of the Valencia Arena project. GmasP would like to thank everyone for the work that has been done to date as well as the work that is currently in process. We are truly proud of being part of this great project and to have the opportunity to innovate and grow amongst great professionals.

Awards Shortlist.

– Architects: HOK and ERRE
– Structural Engineers: SBP and GmasP
– Building Services: Ramboll and JG Consultores
– Cost Consultants: Core 5 and Castiel
– Acoustic consultants: Vanguardia
– Crowd movement consultant: Movement Strategies