Industrial buildings in Muro de Alcoi, Alicante

PROJECT: Detail Design. Structural design
YEAR: 2016
LOCATION: Muro de Alcoi, Alicante, Spain
TYPOLOGY: Beam string frames. Max. span 30m
DESCRIPTION: Industrial complex of 12.500sqm that includes: warehouse, smart storage, offices

The industrial complex in Muro de Alcoi is formed by two built volumes which are separated by a switchyard with a covered loading dock.

The structure is composed of a system of parallel structural steel frames. These frames are formed by cable-stayed beams with an upper profile and a lower brace. Both elements are joined by struts that give the tie cable an anti-funicular path to support the vertical loads through a system of compressions and tensions between the upper and lower chords.

The result is an open space with a lightweight and attractive structure.

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