Alicante Congress Centre

PROJECT: International competition
YEAR: 2023
LOCATION: Alicante, Spain
CLIENT: Diputación de Alicante
STRUCTURAL & MEP DESIGN: GmásP Ingeniería y Arquitectura
AWARD: GmasP Engineering & Architecture
AWARDS: Third prize

Looking from the privileged and unique location of the project (piers 7 and 9 of the port of Alicante), and on a broader and territorial scale, 4 landmarks in the landscape that define its horizon are identified. The Castle of Santa Bárbara, the Serra Grossa Mountain, the cliffs of Santa Pola, and the island of Tabarca give their name to the ‘CUATRO PICOS’ (‘FOUR PEAKS’) project, which not only refers to the landmarks but also to the 4 volumes that constitute the Congress Centre.

Starting from the key goals of the project such as the creation of a meeting space with access to the sea which is also an extension of the landscape and topography of Alicante, the 3 volumes of the auditorium area emerge. These volumes face the cruise dock so their presence must be determined along the large vessels that will dock in that area of the port in the summer.

With the previous premises, three buildings with large cantilevers and tilts are projected. Together, they form a structural whole where the balance and compensation of loads is the fundamental principle of its resistant behaviour.

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