The international competition “Torre-Antena de Chile ” finished Last February 4th. The team formed by the Spanish GmasP® and Saez Joannon took part with the project ” Torre del Centinela “.

The competition consisted on the design of a telecommunications tower with a panoramic terrace in order to replace the existing antennas located in Cerro San Cristóbal, Santiago de Chile.

59 proposals took part, 17 of them international teams. GmasP +Saez Joannon was the only international team between the 6 finalists.

A local office was awarded with the 1st position. The jury has emphasized the “balanced and integrated proposal of the public space, the building and the antenna”. They appreciated the effort made to keep the continuity of the tours of the metropolitan park. They also appreciated the construction of a low rise building with a slender mast suspended over a series of elliptical rings, without touching the ground”

The results of the competition can be seen in the following link: …