GmasP and EOVAstudio obtain the first prize in the international contest for a poly-functional building in Czechowice-diziedzice, Katowice, Poland.

Last 6th May, GmasP and EOVAstudio attended the ceremony which took place in Czechowice-diziedzice, Katowice, Poland to receive the first prize in the international competition for the design of a multifunctional building which will be the headquarters of the Library and the City Hall of this town.

GmasP was responsible for the structural design while EOVAstudio was responsible for the architectural design.

El edificio consiste en una serie de espacios abovedados que salvan una luz máxima de 10m, sobre un sistema de vigas armadas y pilares al tresbolillo // The building consists of domed spaces with a maximum span of 10m, supported by steel girders and staggered columns.