PROJECT: Integral renovation of a mezzanine in Alcoy.
YEAR: 2015
LOCATION: Alcoy, Spain
TYPOLOGY: Renovation of a home
DESCRIPTION: Integral renovation of a mezzanine with a longitudinal floor modifying the interior layout and finishes.

This project is about an integral renovation of a mezzanine to create a useful space for rent. Thus, one of the conditions will be a good durability of materials, easy replacement and moderate price.
The design tries to reduce the space dedicated to circulations and increase storage space. In addition, it has been respected as much as possible the opening to the area covered with skylight to take advantage of the maximum natural light because, due to the shape of the house, there are not many exterior openings.
Although the reform is integral, it tries to perform a controlled action, concentrating facilities and maintaining their original location, as far as possible.