PROJECT: International competition, (restricted for 20 teams).
LOCATION: Berlin, Germany.
TYPOLOGY: Continuous concrete slab supported by circular columns.
MATERIALS: Structural Steel and Reinforced concrete.
DESCRIPTION:The structure can be divided is one main span that is solved with an arch and two lateral single supported approach spans.

The project consist on a footbridge linking the promenade and the new designed Staadtplatz with the rest of the city for a better and a clear connection for the new residents. The two-in-one piece footbridge is firmly blended with the surrounding materials. It creates highly attractive spaces along it and on its environment, adding spatial relations to the plaza.
The footbridge is formed by two parallel concrete ribbons. The different levels created generate an interesting set of views, flowing with pedestrian and bike users.

Max.span: 53m (footbridge 1) and 30m (footbridge 2).