PROJECT: Competition. Prize / Rehabilitation / etc
YEAR: 2017
LOCATION: Valencia, Spain
TYPOLOGY: Offices and Laboratories Building.
DESCRIPTION: Structural and MEP installation extension for a offices and laboratories buildings which are part of the cocoa derivatives industry

Project consists on extension and renovation of an offices and laboratories existing building, that belongs to a cocoa derivative industry.
Building distribution is in one floor with rectangular geometry with 60 x 30 m2 of surface and 4.7 m height.
Before the works, the building was separated in two rectangular parts, apart between them 5.4 m. The project has consisted in joining both them with a structural ampliations and a total renovation of MEP installations. It means a whole surface of 647 m2 approximately.
So that, all projects needed for the constructions of affected MEP installations have been done. That’s includes: HVAC, plumbing, drainage, lighting, low voltage and energy conservation.
The thermal power air conditioning installed was 55.79 kW. The ventilation systems are designed with a space between them to avoid the transfer of smells from one part of the building to another. About the plumbing, the lower HSW demand was 5000 l / day.