PROJECT: Competition
YEAR: 2015
LOCATION: Alcoy, Spain
TYPOLOGY: Arch bridge
DESCRIPTION: 120m long integral concrete bridge with 40m main span steel arch.

Alcoy City Council launched in February 2015 a competition for the project and site management of a bridge to cross the “Cint” ravine.

The solution from GmasP is a 120m long full integral concrete bridge. The bridge is made of two approach spans and one main 40m clear span steel arch. The spans distribution is 3x16m+40m+2x16m.

The bridge is entirely made of concrete but the arches and the piers supported by them.

The shape of the arches corresponds to the antifunicular of the dead loads to achieve and optimum design.

The integral solution has no expansion joints and bearing devices which allows almost no maintenance during the design life of the bridge. With this type of solutions is also possible to reach great slenderness ratios for piers and arches, which leads to a very economic solution while respectful with the environment.

The deck, which is only 0.5m depth, is 13m wide and hosts traffic bicycle and pedestrian lanes.