PROJECT: Idea competition organized by “Diputación de Castellón” and “Som Ceràmica”.
YEAR: 2018
LOCATION: Vilafamés, España
TYPOLOGY: Square developed on different levels.
DESCRIPTION: Creation of different multifunctional spaces in an environment close by Castellon ceramics.

“The Tanca Square” is open to become a more accessible, linked, current and civic place on a ceramic canvas. A series of topographic steps as terraces define the new geography of this space between sloping streets. Within a unitary treatment, three different atmospheres are defined, with a gradation of uses from the highest calm zone to the most dynamic main square.
The inclined planes that connect the different levels of the square are covered with ceramic material, to give brightness and chromatic contrast to the human scale. The whole intervention is marked by a series of elements that combine vegetation, ceramics and urban furniture, to give personality and permeability to the space.
The sensory dimension, comfort and accessibility of the square are the key points of the proposal, which combines vegetation, shadows and textures to achieve a complete experience that favors staying in it even on the sunniest days.
The Tanca Square becomes a new versatile space that combines the urban scale and the human scale, an open space as a meeting and leisure area. A place for all.