PROJECT: Industrial architecture & structure
LOCATION: Guaimbé, Brazil
TYPOLOGY: Structures for solar panels with uniaxial tracker
DESCRIPTION: Structure designed to support a string of 2×20 photovoltaic panels
YEAR: 2015

For the present project, two different options were studied.
The project consists of a fixed solar uptake structure and a mobile one with solar tracker, varying the angle of capture from -0° to ±45°.
It consists of is a series of structures destined to support a string of 2×20 photovoltaic panels, with approximate dimensions of solar capture of 2x40m. All of them are connected to a central actuator that moves the whole.
The structure designed as fixed has a capacity of 3×30 panels with an angle of 15°. Both structures are optimized with cold-formed and galvanized profiles.
The supports are formed by cold-formed profiles driven on the ground a variable length to achieve a horizontal surface on uneven grounds.

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