PROJECT: Raw Material Storage. Industrial Architecture.
YEAR: xxxx
LOCATION: San Luis Maranhão, Brazil.
DESCRIPTION: Project made in structural steel and reinforced concrete.

Feasibility study and project for the construction of a Cement Plant in San Luis de Maranhão (Brazil), including the complete development of the area along with the road infrastructure, sewage water system, water supply system, and trenches for services and foundation of building structures.
The facilities include a steel structure for a storage building of 10,800 m2, a coal storage building of 225m2 with steel and roof structure, and interior walls for ramps and retaining walls and a steel industrial building of 2,500m2 and a 20m high tower for sacking and packing.
It has several attached parks, for limestone and gypsum (30 m x 70 m), for clinker (30 m x 120 m) and a slag room (30 m x 120 m). Also, a buried gallery for unloading and transporting material runs longitudinally through the park. It is made with structural steel and reinforced concrete. It is made with structural steel and reinforced concrete.