PROJECT: Competition
YEAR: 2015
LOCATION: Barcelona, Spain.
TYPOLOGY: Temporary architecture based on the tensegrity principle.
MATERIALS: Brick arch vaults and Structural steel.
DESCRIPTION: Creation of a space protected by trunks and cables as trees to perform different activities.
STRUCTURAL DESIGN: GmasP Engineering & Architecture.
ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN: GmasP Engineering & Architecture..
AWARDS: 1st Position.

The proposed area to develop the pavilion is located in the “Port Vell” of Barcelona. The square is a meeting point and at the same time a crossing area. It is a timeless symbol that gained over the years its own identity. The pavilion aims to maintain, respect and enhance this spirit.
The temporary pavilion is developed in one single height. As it already happens in the square, some trees provide a bit of shadow, so the target is to increase that shadow area with an extensive shelter. Following that line, the shadow is provided by creating a forest, a Tensegrity Forest that imitates a tree with trunk, branches and leaves on the top. The trunks are the columns, the branches, the struts and the leaves are the cables.
The pavilion has a strong visual impact acting like a hot spot, a focus of activity. The Tensegrity Forest catches the eye of the city visitors during day and night because of the coloured night light.
The pavilion is functionally integrated on site and minimizes its footprint but keeping a very attractive set on-stage.