GmasP: Ingeniería, arquitectura y urbanismo
Silos and support structure in Panamá.
  • Location: Panamá.
  • Typology: Industrial architecture.
  • Materials: Structural Steel and Reinforced Concrete
  • Silos Description:
    • Steel plate silos.
    • For cement storage.
    • Capacity of 125m3.
    • Demountable for shipping in an Open Top de 40’ container.


Two steel plate cement storage silos with an external diameter of 4.6m and an approximate height of 10m, whit a capacity of 125m3 each. Pieces are joined together by bolted connections which allow their erection/dismantle for transportation purposes. The design of these silos makes them suitable for shipping in an Open Top 40’ container.

Silos are supported in three points. The support structure is designed as a steel frame structure braced in two levels and in both directions by diagonals, except in one direction in the lowest level in order to allow the access of trucks for loading operations.