GmasP: Ingeniería, arquitectura y urbanismo
Telecommunication antenna and tower lookout in Santiago, Chile
  • Project: International public competition "Antenna Tower Santiago".
  • Location: Santiago, Chile.
  • Typology: Telecommunication antenna tower and lookout.
  • Functional program: Telecommunications antenna, technical rooms, panoramic terrace, café and shop.
  • Surface:4.000m2 aprox.
  • Architectural & Structural Design: GmasP Engineering & Architecture.
  • Architectural design coauthor: Saez Joannon.
  • Consultant: Alejandro Gomez Vives, BrainxBrand.
  • Awards: Honorable mention


This is a new 141m antenna that will mark the profile of Cerro San Cristobal. It will replace the multitude of antennas that currently monopolize the top of the hill. The building, in addition to telecommunications services, includes a panoramic terrace on the top floor, café and shop. The whole building is distributed around a central oculus in which the telecommunications antenna is suspended. The oculus also concentrates the structural function, and it becomes the only contact of the building with the ground.