GmasP: Ingeniería, arquitectura y urbanismo
Electrical rooms in port kembla cement plant, Australia.
  • Location : Port Kembla, Australia.
  • Typology : Industrial architecture.
  • Materials : Structural Steel, Reinforced Concrete and Masonry.
  • Buildings Description
    • - Switch room: concrete structure with concrete masonry units walls.
    • - Oil transformer over concrete pit.
    • - 3 electrical rooms, steel structure and concrete footings joined together with tie beams.

This project has 5 structures to host electrical equipment. The switch room is a concrete structure with composite slab and concrete masonry for façades.
The oil transformer is located on top of a concrete pit and supported by internal steel beams and columns.
The 3 electrical rooms are framed structures with steel beams and columns. The columns are supported by concrete plinths on top of the footings, which are joined together by tie beams.